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Elzbieta Guzikowska

  • Poland
  • My name is Elizabeth. I was born and raised in Wrocław, Poland. I have been perfecting my manual skills and knowledge of various handicraft techniques all my life. I have always been a manually gifted person: I drew, painted, crocheted, knitted sweaters and embroidered. As a little girl, I watched my grandmother and mother as they knitted and crocheted. I was very eager to try to do it myself. After graduating from primary school, I decided to continue my education at the School of Artistic Crafts in Jelenia Góra. Currently, being retired, I spend every free moment with a crochet in my hand. I decorate my apartment with hand-made tablecloths, napkins and curtains. Due to all that I always have perfect, extraordinary gifts for my loved ones. I pass my knowledge on to the next generation, i.e. my grandchildren. I am happy when a child has manual skills because I believe that it shows a high sensitivity to art and may result in artistic passion in the future.