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MERL Knitters

  • United Kingdom
  • I am apart of the MERL Knitting Group The group started with me doing the coat for the sheep that's in the museum. And then we decided that we would get together to do anything else that would be helpful for the museum. We don't meet for outside purposes at all. Just to improve the museum a bit. And the first big thing we did was the shepherd's hut. Which includes all the bunting and then all these animals and things to go inside and for the children to play with. The group has been around for about 6 years now and we have six regular members. We even managed to meet all through lockdown on Zoom. Every fortnight on our Wednesday, we were all on Zoom. I have been knitting for over 70 years. I am 83 and my mum taught me to knit when I was a child. My grandmother knitted and my mother knitted. So, it's been passed down. I've always done it. As well, we did they lady bird gallery which they had refurbished and got some more pictures out and they asked us if we could make lots of little lady birds which were strung up all around the museum to guide people to where the exhibit was in the museum. With the patterns, i have a book where i write everything down in but I just make them up as I go along.