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Incanti ad Arte

  • Italy
  • Let me introduce myself: my name is Catia, I plan events and create installations and accessories, all of which are entirely handmade. I work as a freelancer and I love to live and share people’s joy, every event is a privilege in which I am immersed, an exciting journey in search of the suggestions of shapes and colours, with the care and professionalism that every dream deserves to receive. I was born in Tuscany, in a wonderful interweaving of nature, art and culture that could only give my personality a strong romantic nuance and an accentuated artistic sense; being born in such an evocative context was the harbinger for what then proved to be a great passion for events, with all their peculiarities. My craftsmanship flourished within a family environment, as it’s typical of my area: my father loved painting, I watched him paint without drawing the contours and I kept this sense of freedom that this missed gesture gave me, I sought abstraction in dance and consolidated the wonder in my philosophical studies in which I graduated, finally conveying my baggage in this new journey, training professionally in the field of events and enriching technique with creativity and emotion, as essential parts of any craft project. This is what I love to do, taking care of and personally creating floral and scenic installations and combining the planning of events with the production of accessories and spontaneous creations made entirely by hand.