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Fiori e Colori Wedding & Events s.r.l.

  • Italy
  • We are Alberto and Romina and, after years of individual experiences, in 1997 we opened Fiori e Colori: a real "Flower Boutique" in the center of Santa Croce sull'Arno (Pisa). The attention to detail, the desire to experiment, the innovative proposals and the determination to achieve perfection are the characteristics that distinguish our way of working. We study every detail: from the choice of the theme, colours, scents, whether it is a bouquet or an arrangement. Romina I go crazy for objects that don’t go unnoticed, be it clothes, accessories, or design pieces. The important thing is that they stand out for their originality and quality and that they are combined with a hint of imagination. I don’t like consistency at all costs, I prefer to experiment with risky combinations of materials and patterns and always strive to create my own style. Alberto I started working at a very young age with my mother in the family shop, but my passion for flowers brought me here. I love the harmony and the non-artificial beauty of things and of people, the radiance of a smile, the sweetness of a look. I spend my days experimenting with floral and plant scenography.