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Toffee Creazioni

  • Italy
  • I am Silvia Fergosti, I attended the Art Institute of Porta Romana in Florence, and I graduated as a Master of Art in 1993. My passion for art was born at a very young age, ever since I was a child, I spent hours drawing, painting, experimenting with unusual clay designs. I have always been fascinated by the world of crystals and beads, and by creativity in general; my passion for art continues even now with the creation of bijoux, which first started with the birth of my daughter Alice, with the desire to make a small bijoux dedicated to her, The Angels of Alice, an angel that took the form a pendant of delicate silver necklaces and earrings -entirely assembled by me - then small phone straps, bookmarks and so on. I then experimented with other processes such as wire, combining it with another passion, the one for Japanese ceramics: this produced the unique combination of raku and wire jewellery or raku and textile accessories; then again, crocheting and combining pearls and crystals to give life to new creations. The stars are in the sky...and dreams...I don't know...I just know that few are those...which come true.